This tool generates a link for users to use to add bots/applications to their Discord account.

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Provide the scopes.

Permissions and applications.commands scope will not be validated if the bot scope isn't checked.

Not sure about what you need? Learn more about scopes here.
Usually, applications.commands and bot scopes are enough for a bot.

Ask for permissions.

If you're generating an invite link for your bot, pick the correct permissions here. If you do pick permissions, the bot will create its own role in the servers it gets added to.

Administration powers
Administrator *
View audit logs
View server insights
Manage server *
Manage roles *
Manage channels *
Manage webhooks *
Manage events *
Manage emotes and stickers *

Moderation powers
Kick members *
Ban members *
Manage nicknames
Set own nickname
Manage messages *
Manage threads *
Use @everyone and @here

Text channels
View channels and read messages
Send messages
Create invite links
Public threads
Private threads
Use Text-to-Speech (TTS)
Use embeds
Use external emotes
Use external stickers
Use other slash commands
More info on Threads and Slash commands.

Voice channels
Move members to other voice channels
Use Voice Activity
Priority Speaker
Start Activities
Request to speak
More info on Permissions.

* bot owner must have 2 factor authentication enabled if the server requires 2FA.

Set the application ID.

Paste your app/bot ID below. Generate a new app...

Set the redirect URL

Redirect the users somewhere else after they authorize your app/bot.

Require a code grant?

Check the following box if your app requires a code grant to be added to users.
Require code grant

Generate your link

You'll be able to share the link to other users.


Tool made by Cyanic76.